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Besides being a platform to develop and share my own reflections, this site also serves as a repository to collect resources for further study, for myself and for any interested readers.

What follows is primarily comprised of resources for the study of Catholic Social Teaching (“CST”). It will be updated and expanded as I continue my studies. I hope you find the following collection of resources helpful in your own study of CST.

N.b.: The inclusion of a particular resource in the following pages does not constitute a blanket endorsement of that author or source. As a Catholic loyal to the Magisterium of the Church I most earnestly recommend study of the original papal and ecclesial documents, alongside and in context of the broader Tradition of Catholic doctrine, all in the light of divine revelation in Sacred Scripture. However due to the inherent difficulty in many of these texts a secondary literature is necessary. I have included and recommend many such secondary sources in what follows, all of which have proved helpful to me in my own thinking about CST. I have written a brief prefatory article to the following resources here.


[Catholic Social Teaching]

The following sources are explicitly related to CST. They are accordingly limited to the original magisterial documents, and secondary sources dealing directly with those documents.

CST Primary Sources

A Systematic Outline of Primary Source Texts

CST Secondary Sources


[The Catholic Faith – the Context of CST]

Catholic Social Teaching is but one thread in the seamless garment of Catholic Truth. In a very real sense there is something artificial about treating it as a topic in and of itself, and indeed CST cannot be properly understood if it is considered apart from the Catholic Faith as a whole. Nevertheless, my project in this Blog is to consider CST specifically, rather than considering the more fundamental teachings of the faith, upon which CST rests. The fundamental truths of the Catholic Faith, revealed in Sacred Scripture and articulated by the Magisterium of the Church, are always assumed in this Blog. For studious readers, the following page provides resources for learning about Catholicism in all its kaleidoscopic glory.

The Catholic Faith


[Additional Resources]

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