The Politics of Heaven and the Longing of Earth

There seems to be no shortage of evidence that our politics have become increasingly tribalistic. Every day we are offered a fresh batch of reasons why liberalism has failed. And while a plethora of commentators are eager to provide analysis explaining what’s wrong with our society, and there are certainly plenty of politicians pledging to solve our problems, none of these luminaries have actually made good on their promises.

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Tribalism, Liberalism, and the Common Good

The tribalism of our politics is distressing.

The ancients believed that politics was a noble enterprise that (at least in principle) was further ennobling of man because it was, in the last analysis, about the common good, and the common good unites people. We hardly even talk about the common good anymore outside of academia. Under the liberal regime everything has become privatized – “good” reduced to “gain” in a zero-sum game that pits us against each other rather than uniting us as a people. Even the two mainline political parties share this commitment to private good and, in broad strokes, spend their time arguing over the best means of achieving the end of private goods for our atomized citizenry.

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