The Seen and The Unseen is an interdisciplinary blog and podcast, focused primarily on Catholic Social Teaching (CST).

CST is that body of teaching promulgated by the Church, and especially by the popes, that deals with specifically “social” issues, e.g., marriage and the family as the fundamental unit of society, the nature of “society” itself, the ordering of society from the local level all the way up to the global, the “common good”, the principle of subsidiarity in the political order, the rights and duties of individuals within and towards society, the rights and duties of society towards individuals, the role of culture in establishing and maintaining political order, economic justice in private and public affairs, peace as the raison d’être of society, the relationship between the Church and the State, and ultimately what the Church calls the Kingship of Christ. In a word, CST is concerned with all that is related to public and communal life, i.e., the things that are “seen”.

However, since society is made up of individuals, and individuals are determined as much by their interior lives and their exterior conditions, we must consider human psychology, discursive and intuitive reasoning, meditation and prayer, and the whole panoply of the interior life, i.e., the things that are “unseen”.

I am a Roman Catholic, faithful to the Magisterium, and I am doing my best to explore the connections between The Seen and The Unseen. I am not an expert on any of these topics; I am simply a layman trying my best to understand and live by the lights of the Church. I am especially interested in and focused on the practical implications of CST for individuals and families in their pursuit of holiness.

I started this blog as an exercise in “thinking out loud” about these issues, and to engage the broader conversation taking place in the Church and in the world.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you find my reflections useful, and I welcome any and all feedback.